The Firm

Economic Insight, Inc. is a sub-chapter S Oregon Corporation headed by Dr. Samuel A. Van Vactor. (To learn more about EII’s economists, see the “Key Consultants” page.) The firm began in 1981 with the goal of providing reliable data and analyses to its clients. Over the course of over two decades, the firm has trained young economists in the application of economic science to real-world problems. Many of EII's former employees have gone on to graduate school to complete a Ph.D., to business school for an MBA, or to law school for a JD. For more information on job opportunities and careers see the "Careers" page.

Energy is a vital sector in the world’s economy, representing as much as one quarter of all economic activity. Inefficient energy markets and high or unstable prices can throttle economic development and growth, as they did during the oil price shocks of the 1970s and again in 2008. A principal focus of EII has been to analyze and explain the behavior of energy firms as market structures change and regulatory institutions evolve. With the transformation to open commodity markets and derivative trading, EII has acquired the expertise necessary to analyze behavior of firms in the new institutional setting. To learn more about EII’s analyses and activities, see the “About Us” section of the web page.