The Pacific West Oil Data statistical handbook is a comprehensive monthly compendium of data covering the oil industry in PADD V and select countries in the Pacific Rim. It is an invaluable resource for decision makers and analysts in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the West Coast petroleum industry. Refinery and plant managers, marketers, analysts and executive strategists alike depend on Pacific West Oil Data to maintain their informational advantage in petroleum industry trends and developments. Each month, data from over 30 public and private sources are compiled and edited into 69 individual tables of data. Historical data enable easy trend identification as well as a robust database from the very first issue received.

Pacific West Oil Data follows trends in seven important categories:


Crude Oil: PADD V crude oil supply, production by field, shipments, imports, tanker arrivals, state and federal leases and sell-offs, prices for various domestic and imported grades and at specific points, refiner margins and capacities, crack spreads, and crude costs versus the prices of major refined products.

Motor Gasoline: Supply, retail and wholesale pricing, company-level wholesale sales volumes by state, PADD V sales volumes and prices by grade and formulation, import volumes, product tanker arrivals, and wholesale versus retail pricing at major western cities.

Distillates: Supply and pricing of distillates by grade, wholesale and retail sales volumes (and consumption) by state, export volumes by product, company, port of origin and country of destination, and prices.

Residual and Bunker Fuels: Supply of residual fuels by grade, including imports and exports; exports of residual fuels by port of origin, exporter, and country of destination; fuel oil price comparisons between major PADD V cities and Singapore, and residual and bunker fuel prices relative to various domestic grades of crude.

Other Products: Data on miscellaneous products such as jet fuels and petroleum coke. The section covers supply, state-level consumption, Defense Department jet fuel contract awards, aviation fuel import volumes by importer and country of origin, and coke exports.

Demand/Supply Balance: PADD V monthly demand and supply balance, including disposition and inventories, of crude oil and its various refined products. Also includes detailed monthly data for the most recent four months.

Pacific Rim: Tanker-level imports to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan, and export data from Singapore and China. Also included are crude production and refinery input and output for both Australia and New Zealand, as well as the input-output balance of selected products for Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and PADD V.

For ease of incorporation into databases or for conducting analyses, each monthly statistical handbook includes a CD-ROM containing the data presented in the tables in a convenient Excel format. Each CD is also coded in html so that subscribers can surf through the data on their web browser if they prefer, as if the files were posted on the Internet.

Since 1983, when it was founded by industry insider Bob Coleberd, Pacific West Oil Data has been a staple on the shelves of nearly all of the major refiners, marketers and importers active in PADD V. In 2000, it was acquired by Economic Insight, Inc., and has adjusted to changing trade and production patterns in response to new reporting rules and recent variations in fuel specifications.

An annual subscription includes 1 monthly booklet with CD-ROM. (Additional booklets can be added to a subscription for a negotiable fee.)

Pacific West Oil Data includes the following Sections:

Crude Oil
Motor Gasoline
Other Products (Jet Fuel & Coke)
Demand/Supply Bal.
Pacific Basin

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